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PetVetCare mobile clinic is all about our Tampa Bay veterinarians providing mobile and low-cost pet vaccination services for the local community.

Because this is a local pet vaccination service, PetVetCare clinic can provide important follow-ups and direct communication with your pets’ personal veterinarian.

We provide the best preventative veterinary pet care for your four-legged children. We believe in quality care for your beloved pets. Please note that we provide vet care only for cats and dogs, no other pets.


Our Services

Dog Services

Package One $210
1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Heartworm test, Lyme test, Influenza (H3N8/H3N2), Bordetella, Lyme vaccine, Lepto
Package Two $150
1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Heartworm test, Influenza (H3N8/H3N2), Bordetella
Package Three $150
1-year rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Heartworm test, Lyme, Lepto
Package Four $120
1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Heartworm test
Package Five $85
1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round)

Cat Services

Package One $85
1-year Rabies, FVRCP, Deworm (Hook/Round)
Package Two $120
1-year Rabies, FVRCP, Deworm (Hook/Round), FeL V (vaccine)

You Can Add Any of These to Any Package

3-year Rabies $25
Bordetella $35
Lyme Test $35
Heartworm & Lyme Test $65
Lyme Test & Lyme Vaccine $65
Corona $20

Puppy Services

Package One $75
DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Dental Rinse
Package Two $80
DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Bordetella
Package Three $85
DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Bordetella, Rabies

Kitten Services

Package One $75
FVRCP, Deworm (Hook/Round)
Package Two $80
FVRCP, Deworm (Hook/Round), FeL V (vaccine)
Package Three $85
FVRCP, Deworm (Hook/Round), FeL V (vaccine), Rabies


1-Year Rabies (Nobivac) $26
3-Years Rabies (Nobivac) or 1-Year Rabies (Purevax) $42
Round/Hook Dewormer $20
Fe Leukemia $42
FIV/FelV Tests $60
FIV/FelV Tests & Fe Leuk Vaccine $70
Nail Trim $15

Wellness Services

Ear Cleaning $15
Nail Trim $15
*Individual services are $10 w/ purchase of Dog/Cat Pack with exception of nail clipping
Dental Rinsing $15

Individual Vaccines/Services


Heartworm Test $40
Lyme Test $40
Heartworm & Lyme Test $60
Round/Hook Dewormer $20
Tapeworm Injection $30 - $40
Nail Trim $15
Wellness Package (Ears/Dental Rinse/Nails) $45
1-Year Rabies $26
3-Years Rabies $42
DA2PP $40
Bordetella or Corona $40
Lyme $42
Lepto $39
Influenza (H3N8/H3N2) $42

*We charge Service-medical waste fee of $10.50 with each visit.

We Service All Dogs and Cats

Tiny Chihuahua puppies for sale.


Unique Colors Boston Terrier puppies for sale.


Why Choose Us?

Here at PetVetCare we have experienced Tampa Bay veterinarians who have invested for pet owners in a mobile pet clinic and who provide affordable low-cost pet vaccinations and preventative care for pet owners and their pets. We have done this because we care for our own pets too and understand how prevention of diseases is crucial for the local community.

We also provide FREE health checkup for your dog or cat. Call us today!

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